Thursday, October 3, 2013

Agora Financial feature ISCO again.

ISCO featured in AGORA Financial's "Breakthrough Technology Alert"

With all the news about BioTime, it's important not to forget that International Stem Cell Corp. (OTCBB:ISCO) is also performing very important work in the stem cell arena.

In October, Dr. Ruslan Semechkin, ISCO's chief scientific officer, will be presenting data from the company's Parkinson's disease program at the American Neurological Association's 2013 annual meeting. The presentation will include new data on the fate of ISCO's parthenogenetic neural stem cells after injection in nonhuman primates and, importantly, information on the mechanisms of action for this potential therapy.

As you know, a first-ever Phase 1 trial of ISCO's therapy is set to begin soon. ISCO is also dirt-cheap at today's prices, considering the technology it owns and the potential it could unlock.

Today, ISCO stock trades for 15 cents a share, and the company's market cap is less than $20 million. The initiation of a Phase 1 trial in humans, and especially good data from that trial, will raise ISCO's profile considerably. The trials are expected to begin in the middle of 2014. Investors should take note.

Ad lucrum per scientia (toward wealth through science),

Ray Blanco