Thursday, March 5, 2009

Parthenogenetic Stem Cells Poised by Dan Cox

As promised, I’m adding to our stem cell holdings this month. As you know, SC stock prices have gone up even in this period of deep market pessimism. Weekly, new and seemingly miraculous stem cell-related cures are coming to light. The message is getting across even in important nonscientific publications like The Economist.

A recent article was subtitled, “American attitudes to stem-cell therapies are changing fast.” Inside the article is this critical paragraph:

“Barack Obama has promised to reverse the ban. When that happens,
American academics will no longer have to watch enviously from the sidelines as their colleagues in Australia, Britain, China, the Czech Republic, Israel, Singapore and South Korea push ahead. But though the legislative wheels have yet to start turning, the mood has already shifted.”

This article is particularly applicable, as it cites two important SC players. One is Michael West, CEO of BioTime Inc. (BTIM: OTCBB). The other is Kenneth Aldrich, the CEO of this month’s pick.

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