Monday, August 13, 2012

Important message concerning ISCO's ticker symbol and price quotes

Dear Shareholder,
We have been made aware that some sources of financial data and websites are incorrectly stating the tier where our stock is traded.  Since OTCMarkets upgraded their trading platform yesterday, some finance sites such as Google are now mis-characterizing our market tier.  
Our stock continues to be quoted in the OTCQB markets as usual, but now using the OTC Link platform exclusively. This is a significant benefit to ISCO since, instead of only one or two market makers, as we have had in recent months, we now have multiple market makers quoting bid and asked prices for our stock. We believe that over time that will result in a more stable market for our shares and more “transparency” for investors. 
For an example of this, we suggest you look at , which will show the number of market makers in our stock and what each is quoting as its bid and asked prices. You might also find it interesting to click on the “short sales” tab, which will show you that short interest in ISCO stock declined by over 95% in the month of June.  
As an ISCO investor you may want to use as your real time source of our financial data, as other websites may still be incorrectly displaying our previous tier listing.

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