Wednesday, February 16, 2011

International Stem Cell Corporation: Note From The CEO Andrey Semechkin

"Since releasing our press release this morning announcing that ISCO.OB had successfully created enriched cell cultures that might be used to treat diabetes or liver disease, people have asked, 'What does that really mean?’

The simple answer is that it further proves ISCO’s Parthenogenetic stem cells can do the same things that can be done with embryonic stem cells, but without raising the ethical issues of using cells from fertilized embryos and with a real chance to solve one of the toughest problems in cell therapy—how do you keep the human body from rejecting a cell transplant before the transplant can treat the disease.

Scientists already know that they can treat liver disease and diabetes with human cells. The problems have been to find an ethical supply of cells in sufficient quantity and prevent the body from rejecting those cells. We think this is a major step toward the pathway and it enables ISCO to stand on the shoulders of 10 years of prior research to reach the next rung of the ladder to a cure for both of these life threatening diseases.

ISCO’s latest press release reflects a major step in the direction of treating diabetes and liver disease with its cells."

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