Wednesday, July 13, 2011

International Stem Cell Corporation Congratulates Sweden’s Karolinska University Hospital on the Creation of the World’s First Artificial Trachea

International Stem Cell Corporation (ISCO) applauds the recent announcement by doctors at Sweden’s Karolinska University Hospital on the creation of the world’s first artificial trachea. 

ISCO would like our followers to understand that the concept of growing cells on a scaffold to treat diseases is showing success in our own research as exemplified by the following:

1) Collaboration with Cytograft in growing artificial blood vessels for treatment of lower limb ischemia. We are extremely proud and gratified to see how our FibroLife media manufactured by ISCO’s subsidiary Lifeline Cell Technology is effective in growing cells on threads used to “weave” artificial blood by Cytograft (as announced in ISCO’s recent press releases). 

2) The same technology is being used in ISCO’s work with Dr. Paul H. Chen wherein corneal epithelial cells are plated onto contact lenses (the “scaffold”) and used as a “living bandage” for laser eye surgery. 

International Stem Cell Corporation will continue to pursue the use of its cells and cell culture products in the many developing fields of regenerative medicine.

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