Thursday, July 21, 2011

The OTC Investor Article – International Stem Cell (ISCO) Aims to Become the “Intel(tm) of the Stem Cell World” By Justin Kuepper

International Stem Cell Corp (OTCBB: ISCO), a biotechnology company focused on therapeutic biomedical research and cosmeceutical products, operating in the same industry as companies like Geron Corporation (Nasdaq: GERN) and Advanced Cell Technology Inc. (OTCBB: ACTC), aims to become the premier supplier of human cells and cell based products to the rapidly growing regenerative medicine industry.

International Stem Cell Corp (OTCBB: ISCO) specializes in manufacturing pluripotent human “partheno-genetic” stem cells that can be converted into any of the many specific types of cells that will be needed as regenerative medicine moves from the laboratory to the hospital or physician’s office.  ISCO’s cells have the same kind of ability to become any specific cell that might be needed for therapy as do the cells used by competitors like Geron Corporation (Nasdaq: GERN) and Advanced Cell Technology Inc. (OTCBB: ACTC). Unlike the cells used by these competitors, however, ISCO’s cells are not obtained from fertilized embryos that might otherwise mature into a human child. Instead, they are derived from un-fertilized human eggs that would otherwise be destroyed and have no capacity to become a human child. Thus, ISCO’s parthenogenetic stem cells have removed a major ethical barrier to the use of the most prolific class of stem cells available to science today. With its patent on using the parthenogenesis process to make the stem cells, the company plans to establish partnerships, collaborations and licensing agreements with larger pharmaceutical companies to eventually unlock significant shareholder value.

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